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Celebrate This Summer with Greenfrog Entertainments

Summer’s nearly here, and that can mean only one thing… It’s party time!

With six weeks of school holidays coming up, there’s plenty of time to organise an amazing fun party for your little ones – but where do you start?

Help is at hand, because if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to throw an amazing summertime party for kids of all ages. So grab your notebook and make sure you get all this down, we’re going to share our three foolproof steps to the perfect summer party.

Step One: Get Bouncing!

Every party needs a centrepiece. Some big event to put smiles on faces and get everyone excited. Otherwise, your kids’ party is more of a big babysitting event with sandwiches and cake.

Ideally, you want something that’s active. That way the parents of all your guests will thank you after their little monsters have exhausted themselves with a day of fun and excitement, leaving mum and dad to enjoy a quiet summer evening.

We’ve got the perfect headline event for any summer party. It’s fun, exciting, and can be used inside or out.

Of course we’re talking about our Bouncy Castles!

We’ll deliver and set up your bouncy castle, give you a quick rundown of what to watch out for (bouncy castles are great fun, but you need to make sure younger children are supervised), and then your guests are free to slip off their shoes and see just how high they can bounce.

And don’t worry about the British summertime – all our bouncy castles can be setup inside, or we also provide a rain cover to make sure that even a downpour won’t dampen the fun.

With the party’s main event all ready to go, it’s time to look at our next two steps.

Psst – here’s a secret. If your party is for big kids instead of little ones, we also have a range of Adult Bouncy Castles that grown-ups can enjoy. Just don’t tell the kids, or they’ll get jealous!

Step Two: Put On Your Party Face!

Fierce tigers, pretty butterflies and hilarious clowns – these are the guests that’ll make any summertime party an occasion to remember. But at the moment, your guests are just a gaggle of children desperate for a day’s bouncing.

That’s where our Entertainers come in.

Children and adults love to have their faces painted (and if you don’t believe me about the adults, you’re clearly not watching Euro 2016!), and it really adds a sense of occasion to any party. Plus the lure of face painting will help keep the queue for the bouncy castle a little shorter!

As everyone knows, a party isn’t a party unless there are loads of brilliant pictures for Facebook – so make sure everyone’s got their face paint on, get the group together, whip out that camera and shout “cheese!”

Step Three: Pump Up the Volume!

Faces are painted, the bouncy castle has been inflated, and the party’s in full swing. But you’ve missed something.

Every summer party needs a soundtrack!

Not just any soundtrack – party songs that’ll put smiles on faces and get everyone jumping around on the Dancefloor (good job they’ve been practising on the castle). And for that, you need a great party DJ.

Our mobile disco is jam-packed with summertime floor fillers, and our sound and lighting systems are perfect for any occasion.

Hop To It - Call the Frog!

Don’t think that we’d share the steps to your perfect party without making it easy for you to book. Just for you, we’ve put together an amazing summertime party package that includes everything we’ve mentioned above:

The Ultimate Summer Kids Party Package

Bouncy Castle + Face Painting + Disco… Just £189.99!

So what are you waiting for? Hop to it, and call the Frog now on 01623 594 111 or Contact us

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